The Morans

The Morans

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back From Iraq

Our newest addition to the family! Maverick

Glad to have Adam back home:)

We love you!

Adam says, "Maverick, you can be my wingman anytime."
Maverick says, "Bullshit, you can be mine."


***Ryan*** said...

Nice dog

c.lynn said...

Cutie! What kind of pup is he?

Moran Clan said...

He's a Morkie. (Maltese-Yorkie)

Steph Zerbe said...

Too card cute.... and your little dog too! Welcome back! And Brandi, welcome to NC!

Steph Zerbe said...

Too DARN cute... is what I meant to type...too many beers. It's Adam's fault!